New Express Entry Applicants No Longer Need Upfront Medical Exam

Express Entry Applicants No Longer Need Upfront Medical Exam

Good news for Express Entry applicants! Effective October 1st, a significant change has been introduced for Express Entry applicants seeking permanent residence—a pre-submission medical examination is no longer mandatory.

What exactly is the new Express Entry Medical update?

Effective October 1, 2023, IRCC will no longer need Express Entry applicants and their family members to provide an upfront Immigration Medical Exam (IME) at the time of submitting their application.

  • If you have never completed an immigration medical exam (IME), you can upload a blank document in the same upload slot.
  • Furthermore, IRCC will send you instructions on when to complete your medical exam if they need it.

About the Immigrant Medical Exam (IME)

Understanding the IME process is crucial for applicants. It is mandatory for both the principal applicant and their family members, even if they are not accompanying the principal applicant to Canada.

Applicants must visit a panel physician approved by IRCC for the medical exam. The panel physician’s role is to conduct the examination, but the final decision rests with IRCC. An application for permanent residence may be denied if the applicant’s health poses a risk to public health and safety in Canada or if it could strain the country’s health and social services.

During the medical exam appointment, applicants must come prepared with proper identification, eyeglasses or contact lenses if applicable, any medical reports or test results for previous or existing medical conditions, a list of current medications, and the Medical Report form if an upfront medical exam wasn’t obtained. Additionally, four recent photographs may be required if the panel physician doesn’t use e-Medical.

The medical exam typically involves a medical history questionnaire covering previous and existing medical conditions, a physical examination, and, depending on age, chest x-rays and other laboratory tests.

Applicants are responsible for covering all fees associated with the medical exam. Once the results are obtained, the panel physician will send them to the applicant and provide a document confirming the completion of the medical exam.

It’s important to note that the validity of medical exam results is limited to 12 months. If permanent residency in Canada is not achieved within this timeframe, another medical exam may be required.