Best Canada Immigration Consultants in Chennai

Best Immigration Consultant

How to choose the best immigration consultants?

A lot of people in India who wish to migrate to Canada are confused on how to choose the best immigration consultant for their dream life in Canada. No one likes to take a chance when it is about their career, so today we are going to educate our readers in this article upon how to choose the right immigration consultant for their immigration dreams.

Immigrating to another country is a life-changing event. It is important to do your research before you invest in an immigration consultant. They play a great role in your chances of immigrating abroad. This can opt to maximize the success rate of your application.

There are crucial parameters to be kept in mind in order to land in safe hands. Your decision might make or break your chances to immigrate to Canada.

Let’s look at the various factors that play significant role to make an informed choice while seeking the best immigration consultancy:


  • Experience: The lawyers and other team experts that would be handling your profile should be an experienced individuals.


  • About the company: The strength and years of market presence of the consultancy also matters as it shall give you the idea of its goodwill.


  • Successful Applications: The number or statistical figures of the applications successfully processed by your choice of immigration consultancy plays an important role in determining your chances of getting approved.


  • Personalized Attention: Pay careful attention whether the company is actually looking into your profile or just giving you broad information. A genuine consultant shall look deep into your job role, financial aspects and other details to give you a transparent opinion on your chances of getting approved without making any false promises.


  • Background Check: One of the most neglected parts in choosing the best immigration consultancy is to check whether the history of the consultancy is clear of any previous records of fraudulency or penalisation. Many reputed consultancies hide their penalisation records in order to lure clients. As an informed client you need to do background checks of your choice of consultancy as ignoring this might lead to unnecessary delays in your application process or in some cases an absolute decline.


Expressway Immigration Consultancy Services (EWICS) has the goodwill of the best immigration consultants in Chennai. They have nearly served for more than 10 years in the immigration industry. They are the most seasoned brand across India with an impeccable success rate providing assistance on immigrant and non-immigrant visa application. Whether you want to immigrate for work, study or settlement purposes, Expressway Immigration can help you achieve your immigration dream in a hassle-free manner.

The immigration experts at Expressway Immigration Consultants are a team of qualified and experienced professionals. Said to conduct a background check for each of their employees, they look for highly meticulous professionals. Their consultation experts ensure best in class manner of counselling regarding visa policies, regulations, processes and the latest updates on immigration of the country concerned.