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Express Entry Documentation Assistance: Regardless of the immigration program, it is mandatory to submit the supporting documents and evidence to verify whether the given information is correct or not. So, make sure to submit complete documentation on time; otherwise, it may lead to delay in processing or sometimes in worst cases, rejection of your application. We have experienced case managers who deal with the entire procedure of immigration on your behalf and keep you update in a timely manner.

Documentation is one of the most important stages in the application process of Canada immigration. In case, if it is not proper or in-complete, it may lead to either delay in the whole procedure or the rejection of your application, as the countries like Canada, Australia, New-Zealand, USA, UK, Denmark, South Africa, Hong Kong, Germany and many more are very particular about their immigration procedures and documentation.

Moreover, whether it’s a delay in processing time or rejection of the application, both hurt the applicant a great especially when he/she is planning to travel on an urgent basis. So, it is advisable that if you are unaware of immigration procedure and formalities, then there is nothing wrong in seeking guidance from an experienced immigration consultancy to understand the complex instructions, steps of the process, and documentation required for filing visa application.

Expressway is one of the Best Immigration consultancies in the World with a large, devoted team of Immigration experts offers hassle-free and professional services to its clients for filing their applications for various immigration programs. Our transparent and reliable workflow helps us to stand out from the rest of the crowd.


We have experienced case managers who deal with the entire procedure of immigration on your behalf and keep you update in a timely manner. We discuss and communicate every single detail or formality to eliminate even the thin error in terms of application and documentation. Moreover, we keep you updated on the immigration procedure of various countries and accordingly guide and assist you to our best so that your application gets approved at the very first attempt without any delay or stress.


We are ready to take hand on the responsibility to make sure that the immigration department of various countries demands the fulfillment of the all the demands of documents like medical certificate, proof of financial status, copies of degrees, certificates, official letters of work experience and more as per permit laws and other regulations.

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