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To protect the health and safety of Canadians, as well as reduce and prevent excessive demand on Canada’s health and social services system permanent or temporary resident applicants may be required to undergo a medical exam. If you are applying to immigrate to Canada or If you are planning a temporary stay in Canada, either as a tourist, student, or temporary foreign worker, Kindly read below informations.

For a list of doctors in your country, territory or region that have been designated by Citizenship and Immigration Canada, and are authorized to perform medical exams contact Expressway Immigration Experts.

  • Medical exam requirements for permanent residents

    You must pass a medical examination before coming to Canada. Your dependents must also pass a medical examination even if they are not coming with you.

    Applications for permanent residence will not be accepted if that person’s health:

    • is a danger to public health or safety; or
    • would cause excessive demand on health or social services in Canada.
  • Medical Examination Instructions

    Instructions on how to take the medical examination will normally be sent to you after you submit your application to the visa office.

  • Validity

    You can only use your examination results in your application for 12 months from when you had the examination. If you are not admitted to Canada as a permanent resident within this time, you will be required to undergo another examination.

  • Authorized Doctors

    Your own doctor cannot do the medical examination. You will informed and directed by Expressway Immigration Experts at the time of Medical Examination requirement received from Canada.

  • Medical Report Procedures

    Medical reports and x-rays for the medical examination become the property of the Canadian Immigration Medical Authorities and cannot be returned to you.

    The doctor will not tell you the results of the medical examination. The doctor will let you know if you have a health-related problem.

    The designated medical practitioner does not make the final decision. Citizenship and Immigration Canada will make the final decision on whether or not you have passed your medical examination for immigration purposes.

    The visa office will tell you in writing if there is a problem with your medical examination.

  • Medical examination requirements for visitors

    (tourists, students and temporary foreign workers)

    • Determine if you need a medical examination
    • Jobs for which you need a medical examination
    • Plan your medical examination
  • Determine if you need a medical examination

    If the duration of your visit is six months or less:

    Generally, no medical examination is required.

    However, a medical examination is required if you intend to work in an occupation in which the protection of public health is essential.

    If the duration of your visit is more than six months:

    You will need a medical examination if:

    you have resided or stayed temporarily for six or more consecutive months in a designated country or territory in the one year immediately preceding the date you sought entry into Canada. This applies even if you are a citizen of a country where you do not require a visa to enter Canada.

    you are coming to Canada to work in an occupation in which the protection of public health is essential.

  • Jobs for which you need a medical examination

    Depending on your intended occupation while in Canada, certain temporary foreign workers are required to undergo a medical examination. The following list provides examples of such occupations. This list is not all-inclusive.

Occupations that bring you into close contact (more than three hours a day or risk of exchange of body fluids) with people, namely:

  • workers in the health sciences field clinical laboratory workers
  • patient attendants in nursing and geriatric homes
  • medical students admitted to Canada to attend university
  • medical electives and physicians on short-term locums
  • teachers of primary or secondary schools or other teachers of small children
  • domestics
  • workers who give in-home care to children, the elderly and the disabled
  • day nursery employees


  • Plan your medical examination

    If you are still uncertain about whether you need a medical examination, consult a Expressway Immigration Office, 709 Prince Centre, Anna Salai, Mount Road, Thousand Lights, Chennai-06.

    We will provide you with instructions and a form with your assigned file number before you see a designated medical practitioner.