Breaking News: COPR-holders can travel to Canada

Canada Travel

Travel to Canada-The wait is over!

Most individuals holding a Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR) have been unable to enter Canada and activate their status for over a year, since Canada’s COVID-19 travel restrictions were put in place. That’s finally changing!

COPR-holders are now able to enter Canada and activate their permanent resident status, provided they have the necessary travel documents and following Canada’s special COVID-19 travel requirements.

What does a COPR-holder need to do in order to enter Canada right now?

COPR-holders have been added to the list of exemptions from Canada’s travel restrictions, meaning that they can now enter Canada whether by air or by driving across the land border from the United States. However, Canada still has special COVID-19 travel requirements in place. COPR-holders wishing to travel to Canada at this time must follow these travel requirements:

  1. Entering by air — Pre-departure negative COVID-19 test:

    All travellers over five years of age arriving in Canada by air must show negative COVID-19 test results obtained no more than 72 hours prior to boarding their flight (or a positive COVID-19 test result from 14 to 90 days prior to boarding).

  2. Entering by air — COVID-19 testing and mandatory hotel stay upon arrival:

    All air passengers arriving in Canada are required to take a COVID-19 PCR test upon arrival. Then, while travellers wait for test results, they must quarantine in a government-authorized hotel for up to three days at their own expense. Travellers must reserve their hotel stay at a government-authorized hotel prior to boarding their flight.

  3. Entering by land at the U.S. border — COVID-19 testing requirements: 

    All non-essential travellers crossing the land border into Canada from the United States must present a negative COVID-19 PCR test taken in the United States within 72 hours of crossing the border (or a positive test taken 14 to 90 days prior to arrival). Travellers entering Canada at the land border will be required to take a COVID-19 upon arrival, as well as an additional COVID-19 test near the end of their 14-day quarantine period.

  4. All travellers — mandatory 14-day quarantine:  Anyone entering Canada will be forced to enter a mandatory 14-day quarantine. You must prepare an isolation plan in advance of arrival in Canada detailing where and how you will complete your quarantine.
  5. All travellers — ArriveCAN app: 

    All those travelling to Canada by air must use the ArriveCAN app to submit information regarding their travel/contact info, quarantine plan, and COVID-19 self-assessment.

There are no special measures in place to exempt individuals who have been vaccinated against COVID-19 from any of the Canadian travel restrictions and requirements. However, new exemptions for fully vaccinated travellers will be coming into effect on July 5, 2021.

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