How to check a Job Offer Letter from Canada is Genuine?

How To Tell If A Job Offer Letter In Canada Is Genuine

How to check a Job Offer Letter from Canada is Genuine?

Your Canada job offer should be written on official company letterhead with contact information, including registration and contact number. It will be verifiable on the internet.

A scammer will utilize any resources to create a fake company’s site, social media, online reviews, etc. They may even give you a fake employment offer to save themselves more time, which you will unknowingly submit with your Canadian visa application and be refused and banned from applying for five years.

Once you get your employment offer letter for Canada on hand, ensure it has the following information.

1. Mandatory Payment To Secure Job Or For A Training

Suppose any individual (Agent or recruiter) asks you to send money in exchange for a job in Canada, stop any further action and report them to the Canadian authority. Is Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). A Canadian recruiter will never ask you to send them money to secure you a job, as it is against the law. The fake recruiter may ask you to pay for the job offer Canada. In your best interest, avoid using any immigration representative, recruiter, or agent who requests any payment or compensation related to recruitment.

In addition, most Canadian employees will offer on-site job training if needed at the company’s expense. No Canadian recruiter or company will ever ask you to pay for mandatory training, materials, or supplies necessary to do your task. So, in brief, do not pay anyone for an employment offer.

2. Guarantee Entry To Canada Or False Promises

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is the only government authority to approve or issue Canadian work permits or visas. No one can guarantee your entry to Canada, including a recruitment company or business, Canadian lawyers, or Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs). Avoid anyone who guarantees you arranged employment in Canada or a work permit.

3. No Written Proof Of Job Offer

If you are offered a Canadian job by phone or the recruiter tries to persuade you that you don’t need a job offer letter, you will likely be dealing with a scammer. If you are a foreign temporary worker applying to work in Canada, you will need a written employment offer letter.

To be eligible to claim CRS points under the Express Entry system or other immigration streams, you will need the Job offer letter as a supporting document to claim CRS points. If you plan to work in Canada temporarily, you will need the arranged employment letter to apply for your Canadian Work Permit.

Never trust arranged employment that is not in writing. Numerous employers will make a verbal offer before sending a written offer letter. Nevertheless, it is not a valid job offer in Canada for foreigners and immigration purposes until you have a written offer letter that includes information confirming the position and conditions of your employment.

4. Misspellings Or Grammatical Errors

Be cautious if you find unreasonable mistakes in your job offer letter. Fake job postings will often contain misspellings or grammatical errors. As English and French are the official languages in Canada, there is no excuse for grammatical or strange spelling mistakes.

5. No Duties, Rate Of Pay, Remuneration, Deductions, And Conditions Of Employment

Your Canada job offer should be written on official company letterhead with contact information, including registration and contact number. It will be verifiable on the internet. Once you get your employment offer letter for Canada on hand, ensure it has the following information. It has a detailed job description with a list of job-related skills, duties, and responsibilities.

  • Your rate of pay or salary, including deductions
  • Job location

6. No LMIA Or Employment Number

Besides needing a written job offer, you may need a registration number under the International Mobility Program (IMP), if applicable, or a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) which is essential for your work permit application(LMIA job offer Canada). The LMIA is a document needed to show that the company could not find a Canadian citizen or permanent resident in Canada that is suitable to fill the position. Hence, the company wants to hire you. Ensure the offer of employment has all the necessary information, primarily your employment number, as you will need this when applying for your Canadian work permit and visa.

7. Strange Email Address Or Agent

The sender’s email address may be suspicious, or it may not. A genuine job offer in Canada for foreigners will probably never be sent from a personal, strange, or free email address (For example,, Canadian business owners are likelier to have domain names in their email addresses. Plus, please remember that scammers can hijack emails of existing companies and pose as recruiters.

If you guess you obtained Canada job offer from a real company, you can contact someone else, such as the human resources person of that company, and discover if they tried to hire you. That could be a red flag if no contact information is in the sender’s email.

Unless you are dealing with an official Canadian recruitment agency, your offer letter of employment should come from your employer. Any other communication about your job offers in Canada that comes from an unknown source may be fraudulent.

8. Unsolicited Job Offer

Opportunities knock at the door once but always come with hardships. If the employer is interested in working with the applicant, it’s indeed a surprise. If you didn’t apply for it or have an interview, it’s probably fake. Consider the source if you receive an offer for a job you did not apply for; it could be a red flag.

9. No Interviews Or Experience Needed

Any Canada job offer that claims there is “no interview,” “experience needed,” or “offers a salary or wage that is much too high compared to the national or regional average” is probably fake.

Jobs that offer high salaries usually require a lot of expertise and responsibility.

Lastly, think before you dive in. The Canadian immigration system is based on age, Language skills (English and French), Education, Work experience, and Ability to settle in Canada (family in Canada, proof of funds, etc.)

10. Not Disclose Your Personal Information

Canadian employers will never ask for your information details. They ask for personal information, such as your date of birth, if legally required. Employers only need your detailed personal information after you are hired.

11. Do A Simple Search Before You Agree To Anything

If a Canadian company has offered you a job, take the time to investigate the company. Check for a company website, online employees, client reviews, and even the Canadian Business Registry to establish whether it is a real business. You should have no trouble finding such information online if it is a legitimate employer. You must look out for the warning signs and only go ahead with someone if you feel they have your best interests and are trustworthy.

What are Key Elements Of a Genuine Job Offer Letter for Canada?

The authentic job offer letter for Canada should have some basic aspects and these elements should be in writing. Find below the basic elements of authentic job offer letter for Canada-

  • Should be on the company’s letter head
  • It should be issued by Canadian employer
  • The job letter should mention work profile, designation or position, salary and perks, conditions of employment, place of work, work timings and period of contract
  • The Canada work permit demands a copy of positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) and a valid job offer of employment

What are Elements of Fake Job Offer for Canada?

The fake job offer for Canada will have certain missing things. It will never highlight –

  • Key elements such as work profile, designation or position, salary and perks, conditions of employment, place of work, work timings and period
  • The job description will be vague and it will tell candidates that no relevant work experience is required to get job in Canada
  • No demand of skill, training and knowledge
  • Fake job offer letters only demand money in the name of processing with the given time period
  • Such job offers never highlight desired score in IELTS