How to Immigrate to Canada in 2022

How to Immigrate to Canada in 2022

Every year, many people Immigrate to Canada from countries all over the world, Here we can guide you how to immigrate to Canada in 2022. Canada has a strong economy and welcomes immigrants with the skills and experience that will contribute to this society.

In this article, we are going to discuss four pathways to Canadian immigration: Express Entry, the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)Quebec immigration, and family sponsorship. There are actually more than 100 Canadian immigration programs to choose from.

Express Entry

Express Entry is Canada’s main immigration pathway. It is the application manager for three economic-class immigration programs: Federal Skilled Worker Program, Canadian Experience Class and Federal Skilled Trades Program. If you are eligible for one of these programs, you may also be able to apply for a Provincial Nominee Program that is aligned with Express Entry, although it is not necessary for all PNPs. Some PNPs are managed by the province’s own application system and they may be more suitable for some people who are not eligible for Express Entry.

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

The PNP can be an option for people who do not qualify for Express Entry, or for Express Entry candidates who want to get extra points.

Other than Nunavut and Quebec, every province and territory has a PNP.  The provincial and territorial governments tailor these programs to suit their own economic and population growth strategies.

There are two categories of PNPs: enhanced PNPs, which use the Express Entry pool to draw candidates; and base PNPs which operate independently from Express Entry.

Quebec immigration

The primarily French-speaking province of Quebec has its own immigration program.

To immigrate to Quebec you need a Certificat de sélection du Québec (CSQ), which is administered by the Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Francisation et de l’Intégration (MIFI). You can get the CSQ by applying for one of Quebec’s immigration programs such as:

  • Quebec’s Regular Skilled Worker Program for French-speaking foreign workers in skilled occupations.
  • Quebec Experience Program is popular among French-speaking international student graduates from Quebec institutions as well as skilled workers.
  • Quebec Permanent Immigration Pilot Programs for food processing workers, orderlies, and tech workers in certain occupations.

Family sponsorship

If you have family in Canada, you may be eligible for family sponsorship. Canadians can sponsor their spouses and common-law partners, their dependent children or adult relatives, as well as their parents and grandparents. In some cases, Canadians may be eligible to sponsor other family members.

Steps to follow Immigrating to Canada :

If you are considering Immigrating to Canada from India, here are a few details you need to consider, These are the steps we took and the resources for your better understanding of the application process:

1. NOC Code

To be eligible for Express Entry you must have previous work experience in the required National Occupation Code (NOC). Additionally, your work experience must be in Skill Type or Level 0 (managerial jobs), A (professional jobs) or B (technical jobs and skilled trades). It must also have been paid work for one (1) continuous year within the last ten (10) years for you to be eligible for this program.

Ensuring your selected NOC code is accurate is critical to approval. Some job titles and responsibilities may be difficult to match so it’s crucial to spend time properly researching.

2. Eligibility

To determine eligibility, IRCC uses a six selection factor point grid and candidates must score at least 67 out of 100 to be considered for the Federal Skilled Workers Program.

Check your eligibility for the program by answering the online questionnaire which covers many areas including age, education, work experience, language skills, size of family and relatives in Canada.

3. Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS score)

Once you’ve passed the six selection factors and have entered the pool of eligible candidates, IRCC then ranks the applicants based on a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).

4. Express Entry Rounds of Invitations

IRCC holds rounds of invitations where they invite the highest-ranking candidates to apply for permanent residence.

Do some additional research by checking the current and past draws or round of invitations trend to see where we might rank in the pool of candidates.

5. Proof of Funds

IRCC requires each applicant to have a specified amount of funds to settle in Canda as a newcomer.

To meet this requirement you needs to get your bankers to prepare proof of funds documents and ensure that you must have the sufficient funds for the various fees (IELTS, WES, Medical exam, Police Certificates, and permanent residence fees).

6. Language Skills Test

Canada has two official languages – English and French, and it is necessary to prove competence in at least one of them through an approved language test. You must score CLB 7 or above to be eligible to apply..

TIP: IELTS results are valid for up to two years, therefore it is best to schedule the IELTS exam when you know you’re in a position to start your application.

7. Educational Credential Assessment (ECA)

IRCC requires an ECA report, which confirms the Canadian equivalency for your foreign level of education. For this reason, your foreign academic qualifications must be assessed through one of the recommended organizations.

8. Express Entry Profile

Create with the help of Expressway Immigration, Chennai.

Overall Experience-How to apply Canada PR Visa

The immigration process is definitely a lengthy and detailed one. However, it is possible to complete the process with highly experienced Expressway Immigration Consultancy to make your application to be successful.

The processing time from AOR to PPR is typically six (6) months, with some applications processed in a shorter or longer time frame.