Ontario Issues 1,186 Invitations in all Employer Job Offer streams

Ontario PNP Draw


Ontario had conducted this  new round of  PNP draw on December 7, 2021. The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) has now issued a total of 5,331 invitations under its three Employer Job Offer streams so far in 2021.

This Ontario PNP Draw has  invited a total of 1,186 candidates with profiles in the Expression of Interest (EOI) pool. These candidates may be eligible for one of three streams under the Employer Job Offer category: Foreign Worker, International Student and In-Demand Skills. Some of the invitations went to candidates registered for the Regional Immigration Pilot.

Employer Job Offer: Foreign Worker stream

  • Invitations: 470
  • Minimum score: 37

An additional 33 candidates were invited under the Regional Immigration Pilot candidates with no minimum score requirement.

Employer Job Offer: International Student stream

  • Invitations: 583
  • Minimum score: 62

Another 37 candidates were invited under the Regional Immigration Pilot program with no minimum score requirement.

Employer Job Offer: In-Demand Skills stream

  • Invitations: 53
  • Minimum score: N/A

This draw targeted candidates in health, manufacturing and agricultural occupations. A separate draw was also held in which 10 candidates under the Regional Immigration Pilot program were invited.

How can Expressway Immigration Help ?

The most important aspect of the Express Entry Program is to provide complete and accurate information/documentation and get an ITA. Without an invitation, you are unable to apply for permanent residence through the Express Entry Program. In order to receive an invitation, you have to be selected from a pool of applicants who are competing for an invitation.

Our job is to make your profile STAND OUT from the crowd. We will assess your case, highlight the best aspects of your application, and make sure that you have obtained the highest eligible score! This way, your chances of getting an invitation are maximized.

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